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Track Listing:-


  1. Let's Dance
  2. One Heart One Beat
  3. Go Right On
  4. Release Their Soul
  5. Meet Me At The Crossroads
  6. There's A Reason
  7. What's Wrong (Remaster)
  8. One Day My Baby
  9. Release Their Soul (Smooth Jazz Champagne Mix)
  10. What's Wrong (Smooth Jazz Champagne Mix)

One Heart One Beat CD

  • It has been a journey of ten years preparing and bringing you this my debut album. During this time I have lost my beloved father, and others close to my heart.


    Also during this time my wife and I have become grand parents, to the grand children Daegan and Erin who my father, and my in-laws Alan and Tina Wesley never had the chance to see. This would have meant so much to us.


    It has been a slow journey of twist and turns, and now we’re here.


    The album was started five years ago, but was put on hold to co-found the Brit Funk Association, which took much dedication and love. At this time, the BFA has just released our second album, and with that, it has given me and my team the time needed to complete my debut album.


    For this I’m truly thankful, and excited on so many levels.


    The Album is aimed at sharing some of my experiences, in the hope that it might help in one's day to day lives. To inspire and help people to identify themselves, be contented with who you are, and to give hope and focus in whatever good one chooses to pursue in this life, no matter how long the journey. Follow your dream.


    It is with love in my heart, that I give thanks to my Parents Maurice and Grace McLean, and my Grand parents Gerald and Matilda McLean, and ultimately to our heavenly father, for a great and privileged journey through life.


  • Items will be dispatched within 3 working days of your order via UK Royal Mail Signed For category. 

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