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What's Wrong
What's Wrong (Radio Mix) - Patrick McLean
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What's Wrong (Unplugged Mix) - Patrick McLean
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What's Wrong (Smooth Jazz Champagne Mix) - Patrick McLean
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Go Right On
Go Right On (Radio Mix) - Patrick McLean
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Go Right On (Club Mix) - Patrick McLean
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Go Right On (Extended Mix) - Patrick McLean
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Hi, i am Patrick Mclean "CRUZ (aka) MAC P", Vocalist, Saxophonist, SongWriter, Producer, Preforming artist & Solo Recording Artist of RnB/Soul, Dance/FunkyHouse and Jazz. 
Previously a member of Britfunk Band Hi-Tension, with top 10 & 20 in uk chart . 
I Took some timeout (After my journey with family band M-Lights playing venues such as the "100 Club" and Hi-Tension one of the UK pioneers of funk) for more then 2 decades, to pursue a change in career and give time family life. This part of my life was also challenging but most rewarding, and so i'm feeling blessed. 
Now i'm back to what is truly in my heart; Music! I have never stopped writing and listening to music, and so i would like to share this which includes funk, soul, Motown, contemporary popular music (R&B/Dance) and my Jazz compositions. 
Last year for the first time (2012), i had the opportunity through an old friend of mine, (Steve Salvari of one of Brit funk Pioneers; "Central Line") to record my first single, which saw the release of my "debut Single", "Cruising into sunrise/Cruising Hard". This was to be the start of my solo career, and i'm truly excited to be back. 
I have now released my first "EP", and could not resist sharing with you, 2 tracks from the vault, locked down for more than 25 years. These tracks are "Come with me lady" & "Party night", and they are special to me not only because they are vintage, great tracks and unreleased before now, but because of the unity it documented between the bands and band members at the time of recording. At the drop of a hat these players on these tracks came and played their part. They all arrived on a lovely Saturday morning, they learnt their parts, played their parts, and i closed the door behind me that saturday evening with the mix of these two tracks laid down at Hallmark studio. (Painless)! 
Some of the players on these tracks, where from some of the Uk's leading R&B/Jazz bands of that time. Such players include Ray Carless of The "Jazz Warrior", Peter hinds of "Light of the world" /(Beggar & Co), Lloyd Dwyer of "Second Image", Keeling Lee of "Buzz", and last but not least, players from "Hi-Tension"; the first of the collective of "PIONEERS OF FUNK/FUNKJAZZ" to storm the UK National charts with Hi-Tension's debut hit "Hi-Tension" which peaked at No12. Our second release "British Hustle" peaked at No5; both earning the "gold disc". 
I would therefore like to thank all the guys once again.

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